Ventura Downtown Lions Club shows appreciation to our Veterans and their families highlighting that they are truly this Nation’s heroes and they are not forgotten.


  • 22 Veterans commit suicide each day from trauma related reasons.
  • In 2017 there were an estimated 1.9 million Veterans in the United States.
  • Veterans make up an estimated 11% of all homeless adults.
  • 50% of homeless Veterans experience mental illness.

We have a plan

We honor our local hero’s by being active in the local Veterans organizations like the Cal-Vet Home of Ventura, supporting the Ventura County Veterans “Stand Down” every year, and providing BBQ’s for special events, for example to celebrate the birthday of a 101 year old Veteran, and the 10 year anniversary of the Veterans Home, and the opening of the new Veterans Hospital in Ventura. We also host an annual Super Bowl party for the Veterans Home of Ventura that includes refreshments and entertainment.